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Mother’s day : family Photgrapher bath

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local look: Bath Photography

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Our ad in the Local Look this month 



Lovely couple shoots

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First Bath Tweet Up Night at The Porter

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The first ‘Bath Tweet Up’ event was held at The Porter in February. It was a fantastic event and now we are looking forward to the second one on the 1st of April! It was lovely to meet some wonderful local business people who enjoy networking in our beautiful city. Here are some of the photos I took that night and you may have seen a few parading in this month’s invitation only section of The Bath Life magazine. Let’s stay connected and build successful bridges in Bath.
If you would like to obtain any of these pictures or need a corporate shoot that could help promote you and your business, please get in touch. I am a creative Lifestyle Photographer and I also capture families, couples, weddings, & boudoir.

View the full gallery of the evening on Facebook                                                                             Follow & find out more on Twitter: @estiennephoto @tweetupbath  















creative head shots & corporate shoots

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Bath Tweet Up @TweetUpBath

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fabulous family moments

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Monkton Comb Prep Fete

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